Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hiatus End

So, I have had my blog, The Equus Ally on a sort of hiatus for the past month or so, for various reasons. I'm pretty sure it was the "excitement" of the relationship I was in at the time as well as work and volunteering. Not that any of those are excuses to do or not continue with this blog. I really like writing it, and I am sorry my dear readers, whomever you may be. :) I will definitely try and write more.

In other news, I have started volunteering for a horse rescue. It is the Standardbred Retirement Foundation in Hamilton, NJ.  It is about a little less than an hour drive from where I currently reside. Last weekend I spent 6 hours at the barn and helped with the adoption of two horses as well as exercised another couple horses.  I would definitely recommend volunteering with your local animal shelter and/ or a horse farm/ rescue/ etc. nearby. It is truly beneficial work when you spend some of your monetarily un-paid time with animals, in my honest opinion anyway. :)

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