Wednesday, May 23, 2012

In The News: White Standardbred

It is a newsworthy day, today, which means that I get to pick a horse article from the web and share it with the viewers and readers of The Equus Ally. But instead of compiling information about the topic into a whole bunch of paragraphs that look a lot like a news article in and of itself, I am going to list the main points of the subject at hand. This way, the reader, you, can look over the main points without having to rifle through all of that other stuff...

So, What's in the News today?

  • A white Standardbred horse was born at the Fair Winds Farm in Cream Ridge, NJ (That is close to me!!)
  • The US Trotting Association says this is the first white Standardbred racehorse to be born in North America in 14 years
    • The last white Standardbred, Historically Unique, was born in 1998 in Ontario
  • The little colt, has two bay parents (Coochie Mama and Art Major), and officials believe that his coat coloring is the result of a genetic mutation 
  • His coat is sprinkled in some parts with red hairs (and he looks a little medicine hat in the picture IMHO)
  • The owner, Pete Congilose of Toms River, NJ has not picked out a name yet, but is open to suggestions. You can send a name suggestion to  

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