Monday, April 2, 2012

Tack 'Em Up! Fly Protection

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As things start to warm up and winter becomes spring and spring becomes summer, the bugs come out. Those little flying nuisances that like to pester our friendly four legged creatures and make them (sometimes) into a ball of chaos.  Not so fun for us, and certainly not fun for them. So, in order to make your horse happier and more pleasant to be around, there are a variety of protective items that you can make or buy. Here are a few of those items:

Fly/ Tick/ Etc Chemical Repellant:

You can either buy chemical repellant from the store or make your own.  Fly spray comes in a spray bottle, or a larger "refill" bottle. Fly repellant can also come in a roll on form. These products are great for using on the face, such as on the eyes, around the mouth, etc.  Make sure to always check the label to see if you are using the product correctly. You don't want to be using anything that can be harmful to your horse.  You can also make your own, as I stated earlier.  There are many recipes on the internet that you can choose from.  But remember, when making your own, that you need to wear protection from certain chemicals.

Fly Sheets, Masks & Other:

The fly sheet and fly masks for horses are just mesh coverings over the body, legs or face and help the horse to stay fly free (for the most part). These items can be found online or sometimes at your local tack shop.

Fly Baits:

Ah, yes the lovely fly bait. They come in the old fashioned fly papers and fly traps. They smell horrible to us, but smell supremely delicious to the flies.  You must take care they are out of reach of horses and children.  If not, you will have a nice surprise when you walk in on a horse with fly paper stuck to it. Other methods that work are water traps and bags. I have heard that using a water and vinegar mix in these contraptions, together with a bit of vegetable oil works great.

If you are still having issues with flies and they seem to be getting really bad, make sure that you are keeping the stable/ barn areas as clean as is possible. You can also use fly predators on your manure piles, put in an insecticide misting system in the stable, or put up bird houses near your manure piles to cut down on bug content. Many of those items can be bought in store or ordered online.

Do you have any suggestions to help your horse during the "bug" seasons?

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