Tuesday, March 27, 2012

In the News: Zebra Stripes

It is Newsworthy Tuesday, today, which means that I get to pick a horse article from the web and share it with the viewers and readers of The Equus Ally. But instead of compiling information about the topic into a whole bunch of paragraphs that look a lot like a news article in and of itself, I am going to list the main points of the subject at hand. This way, the reader, you, can look over the main points without having to rifle through all of that other stuff...

So, What's in the News today?

  • A study by Gábor Horváth and colleagues from Hungary and Sweden have found that the zebra has evolved its stripes to fend off blood sucking insects
  • Horseflies are attracted to horizontally polarized light which looks (to them) like long stretches of water, where the bugs can lay eggs
  • Female horseflies are also attracted to linearly polarized light reflected from hides
  • Horse flies are more attracted to darker hides than white ones
  • Zebras have dark skin and then develop white stripes when in the womb
  • The team tested stripe width in relation to horsefly attraction
  • They concluded that zebras have evolved their stripes so that the stripes on the coat are narrow enough to ensure minimum attractiveness to horseflies

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